Thursday, 29 December 2011

An Apology To John Still

When I write blogs and comments I sometimes put a lot of effort and thought into what Im going to say, sometimes I dont do this and write driven by pure emotion and a non rational thought process. The words are forming in my head quicker than I can write them down. However when ever I write something I try do it with as much honesty as I possibly can. Sometimes people agree with me and other times people don't. The key is though that when Im wrong Ill admit it, on this occasion I was naive and totaly, totaly wrong about what I said.

I used to write for London News 24, I nolonger do so, the reason? I resigne its that simple. I felt that they wanted me to be something I wasnt, yes to write with honesty but also to be edited in way that perhaps bought a different meaning to what I was writing. I wrote the 'Open Letter To John Still' because I was frustrated, I was fed up and I wrote it in an emotional non rational rage.

Should the website have edited it or sent it back to me until I had cooled down? Perhaps but then again why should they after all it's their job to get hits on their website and I had just written something that got everyone talking. I had played right into their hands, they had a disgruntled fan who voiced his opinion on their website, job done. They get lots of hits, I'm getting talked about everyone is happy right? Well no I wasn't happy at all.

I defended th article of course I did I wrote it, but I felt more and more uncomfortable with it and I didnt have the power to retract it another lesson learned. Make sure your 100% happy with what you write before you hit the publish button!

The more I thought about it the worse I felt so I emailed the club a letter of apology and asked them to send it onto John Still, they did and the next thing I know he's asking for my phone number so as we can discuss it!. To be honest I was expecting a huge bollocking but it didn't come. What was said will stay private between us but what I can say is that he IS the right man for this club.

The passion in his voice when he talks about he team, the supporters, the club oozes out of him. Others have said we would be mad to get rid of him and I totaly agree, there is no one better for us than him and the day he leaves will be a sad day indeed. I was wrong to write the letter, I was wrong to attack him in the way I did and he was gracious enough to accept my apology, not many would do that let alone discuss it with you.

I've learnt a lesson that was pianful. I was naive even at my age you get things wrong. However I won't make the same mistakes again, sometimes doing what feels right is the right thing to do no matter how much humble pie you have to eat. Even after you write the article that causes you the pain int he first place, sometimes you have to say sorry and admitt you got it wrong. Just like I did today. Come on you Daggers.