Sunday, 31 October 2010

My Football Week

I do another blog about non football stuff at feel free to have a look, oh the shameless self promtotion. Well here we go then my take on the big football stories of the week. Enjoy it as always.

Essex County Cup

I know we don't take this seriously but we have to remember that we haven't been a league club very long and this was important at one stage. Oh who am I kidding, it means nothing apart from a cheap night out. Saying that though the game the other night was a lot of fun and we did have a few players on show. Josh Scott, Darren Curie, John Nurse, the elusive Monty. We won 3-2 after Colchester missed a last minute penalty, I berated the ref for that, not that it wasn't a penalty it was but it meant that after extra time if they had scored it would have meant penalties and less time in the bar.  Luckily they missed and we were able to part take in a few beers in the upper bar.I wont spoil the surprise but if you know Walesdagger ask him about how he put his foot in it BIG TIME. It was very funny.

The Return Of An Ex-Player

This is either going to be an inspired decision of a nightmare. I'm not writing of Solomon Taiwo before he has even kicked a ball but history does not bode well for players returning to their old clubs. I can understand why the boss has resigned him and I hope it works out. Me, I'll reserve judgement until Ive seen him play a few games. I hope he is what we need at the moment so as we can get some real shape to the side. This is not a dig at the boss, far from it, he has my full support, its just in the passages of time ex-players returning to their clubs rarely works out. I hope I'm wrong and that he helps us stay in this league. If he does I'll eat this blog.

Paul The Octopus

Never has an eight legged animal been mourned so deeply. Paul the predicting Octopus passed away this week and I for one will miss him greatly. In what was a very poor World Cup he was my one moment of relief. Millions of bets hanged on what Paul had to say and never has an Octopus had so many people hanging on what he fancied for dinner. The Octopus was a legend and I for one shall be wearing a black arm band at the weekend in honour of this great pundit. However if I see Octopus burgers on the menu at the weekend I shall be very suspicious!!!.

FIFA World Player Of The Year List

Come on who was genuinely surprised that there were no England players on this list? Come on anyone? Nope me neither. So now can we get over the fact that we are a World Class country at football producing players the envy of the world? Believe we people we aren't and we ain't. I haven't watched an England game since the first half of the game against Germany, and I only watched that one because I was round someones house and it was on. I cannot be bothered to be honest. I despise everything that these overpaid overrated players stand for. I wont pay to watch them at Wembley and I certainly not going to watch them on the telly. I have no time for them and would rather save my hard earned pennies and watch Dagenham than watch that mob go through the motions of another qualifying campaign. It made me laugh how some of the national newspapers acted all hurt at the accusation that we weren't good enough. I know you've got to sell papers guys but come on even The Sun said we were rubbish.

West Ham Season Tickets

I have had much amusement at this,this week. I have in my circle of friends and family a few of them that have paid a thousand pound for a season ticket. Let me say that again, a THOUSAND POUND for 18 games of football. They are off their heads to be honest. Anyway the point of the story is this and this is what has made me laugh. Over the past few weeks West Ham have been offering tickets in the same block that my mates are in for the price of £20 for Spurs, they couldn't sell it out and now WBA for £15. To say this has pissed them off would be a little bit of an understatement. Me, I found it hilarious that a club that has bid for the Olympic Stadium cant event sell out Spurs vs West Ham. To do it they then striped up their season ticket holders as well. Utterly priceless. To say they were not happy would be an understatement. So much so that they are coming to us on Saturday. I cant wait for the half full Olympic Stadium, after this lets see how many renew their season tickets next year.

Michael Owen

Here we go again a player saying if he doesn't get a new deal will retire at the end of the season because he doesn't want to play for a team as he puts it "Not at the level I'm used to". Michael son hold on a minute, when was the last time you completed more than 20 games in a season? I bet you don't know because I sure as hell don't. You were perhaps the most naturally gifted goalscorer this country has produced since Gary Lineker. I know you got shafted by that idiot Rafa and shunted of to Real Madrid but come on, your turning into another Darren Anderton. Are you going for the record of the amount of injuries you can have?. That's probably harsh because at your best I used to love watching you score goals for fun, but somewhere down the line you have lost that love of the game that made you the player you was. I suppose you have been very unlucky with injuries. I cant see Man Utd offering you a new deal but to throw your career away on a whim is stupid. Your a long time retired mate. Yes you may not play for one of the big four but let me tell you there is no shame in playing for a team in the top 10 of the Premier League and scoring on a regular basis. You should have been England's top goal scorer by now, you have been unlucky, some say you make your own luck. Me, for what its worth I think you will regret it till the day you die if you don't play on for as along as you can. The choice though is yours I hope you make the right one.

So there we are another week over. Thanks for the comments last week means a lot. I hope you enjoyed this one just as much.



Monday, 25 October 2010

My Football Week

Hi All, I do another blog which I write about things non football related. Ive wanted to do a blog where I can rant and share my inane thoughts for a while which are purely based on football. This blog will be it. It will mainly be about the Daggers but I will cover other subjects as well in football. Things that get my goat and things that make me laugh. So here we go then with the first of my weekly  blogs which looks back at English Football.

The F.A. Cup:

Its finally happened. We have been drawn at home in a cup game as a League club. We also get a local derby as well. It couldn't have gone better in my opinion. Leyton Orient at home will be a huge crowd, hopefully a sell out. A difficult game none the less but a chance to win and progress to the second round. I'm really looking forward to this game as I'm sure others are as well. It wont be easy but if we play to our true potential then we should be able to progress. The F.A. Cup still holds a great romance for me and I feel it should be treated with respect by the bigger clubs. It means an awful lot to us, we may never win it, but we deserve the chance to play the big boys. Can you imagine getting to the third round and drawing Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal at home?. Id love to see them play at our ground just once. Let me suffer the pain of relegation if I get just one chance at seeing one of them at our ground this season. Is that too much to ask?

Wayne Rooney:

Wayne your a greedy git. I get that you earn loads of money, I also get that you want to win things. However you are also an idiot. Why? Well look mate you play for Man Utd and have the most successful manager in the clubs history. You had an awful end to the season and a very poor World Cup. You also had a go at the fans as well didn't you? So why do you think that I care where you play? I don't to be honest. You agreed a massive pay rise so well done but you owe it too YOUR FANS to win them back and make sure they support you once more. At the moment I think a large part of them couldn't have cared if you stayed or went. Dangerous place to be mate. When it hits the fan (which it has for you recently, mostly of your own doing I might add!) they will be the ones that pull you through. I believe it may be pay back time now don't you?

Steve Evans:

This made me laugh out loud. I bet your fans are well chuffed at the way you keep opening your mouth and then make them look like idiots. How on earth did you think someone of the calibre of Robert Pires was going to play for you? Even Arsene Wenger laughed out loud. If your aim was too create publicity for the club you certainly did that, but you ended up looking an idiot again. There was no way a player of his quality is going to drop into the conference, however if he wants a game I'm sure we will be able to give him a minutes every now and then. As for you? I hope you don't destroy another club.

Portsmouth F.C.:

I don't have a lot of time for clubs that spend money they don't have as Ive covered this in my Sky blog, but I do feel sorry for the fans. I played for Portsmouth when I was a kid when Alan Ball was there. I was a goalkeeper and I was there for a few months. What impressed me was the way that he learnt every kids name.  I have never forgot that ever so I have a soft spot for them. They chased a dream and got caught up in people telling them how great it could be. Do I blame the fans for that? No. We would all do it. I blame the F.A. who let it happen. The bubble is going to burst soon and there will be a lot of clubs in their position. That's a sad day for me as a football fan, not just us the Daggers but football in general. It has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now. Us as fans sacrifice things to support the club we love, yet we get treated as fools (not at Dagenham and Redbridge I might add). Give me our club and countless like us, Stevenage, Morecombe, Blackpool to name a few. Small clubs with small crowds that punch above our weight season after season with limited success but trying to live the dream THE RIGHT way rather than a rich mans plaything.

Notts County:

If ever a club needed a reality check its them. Struggling at the foot of League 2 a few seasons ago they then cheated their way to the League 2 title last season spending money they didn't have. Too strong? No I don't think so ask any Rochdale fan what they think of them. They then sack their manager when they are 16th in League 1 in their first season. Are you serious? What on earth did you think you was going to do win the League?. The owners of that club really do need to have a long hard at look at themselves because changing your manager every few months never works. Just ask the numerous clubs that do it on a regular basis or better still ask Sven when he gets the boot at Leicester, as I'm sure he will with the chairman he has.

Steve Claridge:

Mr Claridge would it kill you to say something positive about us? Honestly I sit there every Saturday night waiting for the 30 second highlights of our game and for you to say something nice about us. You never ever do. Not even last season. Have we annoyed you at some stage in the past?. I know we are every one's favourites to go down, I know we don't play the prettiest football but surely it wouldn't kill you to say oh I don't know let me help you a little "Dagenham and Redbridge are punching well above their weight but its good to see a club like them making a go of it". There try that, just once, please?.

Ian Holloway:

I love you. Simple as that. Your rant the other day was from the heart by a man who cares about football. I don't care if you got some if wrong the Premier League is a much better place with you in it. You said what every fan was thinking and you did it in such a way that you didn't care what people thought. A true legend and I hope you stay up this season because after that mate you deserve too. A true football man speaking from the heart. You are as mad as a box of frogs sometimes but you never, ever cease too entertain and amuse me. I could listen to that rant all day long. Good luck for the season, wish I could be there when Rooney comes to your place.

So there you are then the first of my new weekly blogs about what annoys me in football. Ill do one a week and please feel free to agree or disagree. I wont take it personally.



Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fan Of The Week

Hi All its that time of the week again this week its the turn of Jake Mullen to be the Fan Of The Week. Enjoy it Jake.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge game you’ve ever seen?

Hard to choose the 1-0 defeat to Norwich in the FA cup, are first win in the Football League when we beat Lincoln 1-0 or when we beat Chester 6-2 on a freezing cold Tuesday night to kick start are push for survival

The Worst Dagenham and Redbridge game you’ve ever seen?

Aldershot at home last season we got played off the park at home and looked like a pub side.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge goal you’ve ever seen?

Benson at home to chesterfield, Danny Green away at Chesterfield, Benson away at Aldershot (All last season). The 1 that tops it all Benson against Kidderminster.

 The Worst Dagenham and Redbridge goal conceded you’ve ever seen?

It has to be Yemi Odubade when Robbo went walk about.

The Best away game you have ever been too?

Definitely Aldershot away this year 2-0 down playing awful and coming back to win 3-2 i believe that game gave us the belief we needed to get into the playoffs. Darlington when we won 2-0 is a close second.

The Worst away game you have ever been too?

I enjoy all away games I go to but if I had to pick my worst ever one it would have to be Rochdale away last season all the way up to Manchester and we got beat 3-1.

The Best ever Dagenham and Redbridge player you have ever seen?

Danny Shipp, Craig Mackail Smith, Paul Benson, Scott Griffiths

Worst ever Dagenham and Redbridge player you have ever seen?


If you could sign any player for Dagenham and Redbridge who would it be and why?

I would sign CMS he is a natural goal scorer and that is what we need at the moment. If we didn’t need a goal scorer and money was no object Gattuso from Ac Milan a tough tackling midfielder who would hold up the midfield and be a pick help to the defence.

Where do you think Dagenham and Redbridge will be in 10 years?

Hopefully in the Premiership but realistically i can see us going back down to League 2 and then after a few years back up to League 1 so where we are now but we will have been out of the division at some point.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Manager Of The Week The Birth Of A New Daggers Legend.

A very special Manager Of The Week this week. Seeing as it was Lee Goodwin's testimonial on Monday, I got in touch with Thomas Thorn who won the auction to be the Manager for the night and sit in the dugout. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. So Thomas for the one and only time its over to you as a special Manager Of The Week. Enjoy your second moment of glory this week.

How long have you been a daggers fan?

A couple of years ago now, I went to Dagenham & Redbridge vs Southend, this was when Dagenham were in the conference and Southend was in the championship. Dagenham were 3-0 down with 10 minutes to go and the game finished 3-3. From then on I followed Dagenham but school and other family stuff stopped me from going over Dagenham as much as I would have liked to but over this past year or two I’ve been going over there a lot more regularly.

How did you feel when you had won the auction?

I didn’t actually believe my mum when she told me she had paid for it. The first time I showed her the auction she said that she couldn’t afford it. But on the night the auction finished she had told me I won but I thought it was a wind up but she actually showed me that she had won the auction and that was it I was in shock and I just rung everyone I knew. Then my mum said that I had to ring Lee Goodwin to verify everything and then the reality kicked in.

How did you feel on the day?

I had to go into my sixth form and treat it like a normal day to begin with, but throughout the day I was very excited and every single conversation I had always ended up with me talking about being at Dagenham and helping to manage them. I was counting down the hours and to me they were just going slower and slower. But yeah I was excited and a little bit nervous.

What happened when you went over to the club?

Lee Goodwin told him to meet him at the club house at 6. He then showed my friends into the VIP bar to have food before the game and took me around the ground. We walked into the ground onto the pitch and just as I was going into the tunnel Lee introduced me to the legend that is Robbo. We then went into the dressing room and Lee said to just get my boots on and walk round until all the other players get there. When walking around I met the legends such as Mark Janney and Tarkan Mustapha. I then saw the West Ham players enter with Avran Grant. Then just before the players were going out to warm up I met John Still and Terry Harris (he was taking the team for the night). Then the players went out for the warm up and I got to have a kick about with the some of the substitutes that were Danny Green and Damien McCrory.

What did the players say to you?

The players were just very welcoming and professional. They just introduced themselves to me, I told Robbo that I preferred playing in goal and typing Robbo asked me what I was doing Saturday. Most of the players were very professional so they were just going about their business but they did stop and ask if I was okay.

How did it feel leading the daggers out?

Because it was Lee Goodwin’s night he got to lead the Daggers out on to the pitch and I followed out after the players with the staff. I was quite weird walking out of the tunnel and seeing all the fans it was a true experience that was really good and it was just a little overwhelming and I just couldn’t believe it.

Did you give a team talk and if so what did you say?

The Daggers were taking this as a serious game so Terry Harris took the team talk. I was sitting in the home dressing room with the players and got to see how they prepared for the game. Terry was going through the line-up and what the players had to do when defending and attacking corners and free kicks. Although I didn’t really get to say much before the game it was a good experience for me since coaching is what I hope to do at university.

What was it like sitting in the dugout?

It was quite surreal sitting in the dugout with the players. It was good to see that the players on the bench were trying to also help Lee and the players on the pitch and were just like the normal fan complaining and challenging the official’s decisions in the game.

What did you say at half-time?

Terry Harris spoke to the lads at half time and then the talk got passed to Lee. Just as Lee was finishing his talk he asked me to stand up as also give a team talk. At this point I was nervous but I just followed up what Terry and Lee was saying and talk then to be more quicker on the ball and try not to give the ball away as much since West Ham was keeping it very well. The players listened to what I said and respected my team talk.

Who impressed you the most?

To be honest I was impressed by the team in terms of their professionalism especially since it was a testimonial game and sometimes players don’t take it seriously. Also what impressed me was how welcoming they all were and just introduced themselves to me and just how much they were like a normal person with the only different being they were much better on the football pitch.

What happened after the game?

After the game I hung around the dressing room while the players were getting ready and was waiting for Lee to take me over to the VIP bar. When waiting I met former Dagger Paul Benson and exchanged words with him. I then met my friends again in the VIP bar where the players then entered. After a drink or two the players left and I headed home happy but ready for my bed.

Well done and thanks Thomas it sounds like it was a great experience. Dont forget if you want too take part let me know. You can get me on facebook or email me at

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dagenham and Redbridge Fan Of The Week

This weeks fan of the week is Ian Evans known on the forum as walesdagger. Ian was one of the first people to do another interview I do for my other blog and has been kind enough too agree to do this one as well. A Daggers fan for a number of years he has seen the good and the bad. So its over to Ian for the Fan Of The Week. Enjoy as always.
1. Best Dagenham game you’ve ever seen?

I have enjoyed watching us thrash Barnet a few times at home. A few 5 and 4 goal score-lines spring to mind. I don’t buy into the rivals thing with the Bees. They are reasonably close to us geographically but it’s hardly Celtic and Rangers is it? My personal favourite was the 6-0 win over Morcambe in last season’s play off semi. We just blitzed them and the momentum continued through to Wembley.

2. Worst Dagenham game you’ve ever seen?

Well, like most of us there are a good few to choose from. It would have been that game against Hereford. I was going to go with the wife (then girlfriend) but while we were waiting in The Crown in Romford for our taxi she passed out! I sat in the pub watching the debacle unfold whilst she lay on the sofa style seating. I think at the final whistle I realised she must be the one for me. (She absolutely hates football by the way and I have often wondered if she took a dive that night!).

Games I have actually attended – two spring to mind – both from the 2001-02 season (B****n year). A 4-0 defeat to Barnet at Underhill on St Patrick’s Day was grim, but the one that really takes the biscuit was a 1-1 draw with Hayes at home near the end of the season.

They got relegated and to be fair it was apparent why that night. Somehow they managed to sneak a goal and for the rest of the match we threw the kitchen sink at them. Half way through the second period their keeper took Junior McDougald down in the box, Penalty. Keeper sent off, their centre half went in goal. We scored and I thought they would fold like a pack of cards. They didn’t. Their emergency keeper kept out everything we threw at them and the referee decided that there was only about 15 seconds of added time. (There should have been at least 5 minutes). On the way out of the ground I felt for the first time that we were destined not to go up. My mate Steve said “Oh well, that may be the point that wins us the league!” It wasn’t. It cost us the league and B****n clinched the title at Hayes on the last day of the season.

3. Best Dagenham goal you’ve ever seen?

For pure quality it would have to be Steve Clarke’s wonder strike a few years back. He didn’t play for us for too long and I wish I could remember who it was against. I was standing in The Sieve, right behind him when he hit it. You could hear the thud. He smashed it on the volley and I knew it was going in from the moment of contact. Brilliant.
A couple of years before that, I remember an absolute screamer from Danny Hill against Stalybridge Celtic, which was a beauty.

4. Worst Dagenham goal conceded you’ve ever seen.

It was one against Leigh RMI. We always seemed to do badly against them. A bit like the Hayes game we had fallen behind but got back to 1-1 with about 20 minutes to go, having had numerous chances. This time it got worse though. An under hit back pass to Robbo, Leigh’s overweight striker tried to close him down, Robbo’s clearance struck the striker’s ample arse and rolled tamely into the net. I’m not sure which was greater: The horror from the home support; the unbridled delight of the three travelling supporters; or the raucous laughter of any neutrals present.

5. Best away game?

2003 play-off semi final at Morcambe. It was a bank holiday and I spent the weekend up there with some friends. Blackpool, nights out drinking shots in Morcambe and the worst hangover ever at a football match. The match itself was just nerve jangling torture. A 2-1 lead from the first leg was wiped out and with about 5 minutes to go they went 2 up. Cue Paul Terry and a wonderful injury time goal. Extra time, in which we should have scored several times. Penalty shoot out which swung this way then that. Robbo’s save and the ensuing pitch invasion. Swapping scarves with the home fans and being applauded! I will never forget that day.

6. Worst away game?

The 4-0 defeat at Barnet wasn’t a joyous occasion.

7. Best ever Dagenham player?

I really enjoyed watching Mark Stein. He was far too good for Conference level football, even though he was about 36 at the time. I also have very high hopes for Romain Vincelot of the current squad. Robbo is the great constant in the team though. He was playing in the first Daggers match I saw and still performs to an equally high level. He has to be my favourite. For his longevity- and his Welshness.

8. Worst ever Dagenham player?

I hate criticising players who managed to play at a higher level than I did. Not necessarily the worst, but I remember feeling disappointed with both Leon Braithwaite and Alex Meechan. It never quite happened for those guys.

9. If you could sign any player for Dagenham who would it be and why?
Well, obviously Messi would be a bit of a coup, but perhaps he would cause problems with our wage structure. At the moment it doesn’t take a genius to realise we are desperately short of a goal scorer. If we don’t get someone in who can find the net regularly then we are going to struggle this season. Adam Le Fondre of Rotherham would do nicely. (I know we can’t afford him)

10. Where do you think Dagenham will be in 10 years?

I have been watching the Daggers for 10 years. In that time we have been promoted into the football league and now into the 3rd tier of English football. At this rate we should just about be playing our first season in the Premiership (or whatever they will be calling it) in 2020. Realistically, I would like to think we could become a fixture in League 1 for a few seasons and grow as a club. A bigger fan base, better facilities and a larger budget. If I am honest I can imagine us yo-yoing between 3rd and 4th tiers. Who knows though. Serious investment from a very rich benefactor and we could be playing in Europe. Lack of investment, losing John Still and bad luck and we could return to the ranks of non-league football.

Thanks Ian hope you enjoy your moment in the limelight. If you want to take part then let me know by sending me a message at

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fan Of The Week

This week its Ricky Butler. No don't run away he is not that bad honestly. All joking aside Ricky has been a real help to me. He encouraged me to do my first blog, the Sky Sports blog, having the confidence to send blogs to the supporters website and other things too numerous to mention. We don't meet up often at the Daggers so Ricky this is your week of fame with a huge thanks from me. Enjoy it.

Although born and raised in Rainham, Essex I now live in Darlington, County Durham and work as a freelance sports reporter for the local newspaper up here. Ive been a Daggers fan since I got into football in the late 1970's, although my first actual game was an FA CUP tie against Milwall in December 1981. The ground was full, the atmosphere was tense and a wall collapsed at the front of the Sieve when Milwall scored! Quiet an experience for a 13 year old, but it did not put me off and Ive been a regular on and off ever since.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge Game You Have Ever Seen?

I'm sure most will go for Play-Off Final at Wembley in May, which was an amazing experience but for me it has to be the away game at Darlington in April 2008, when we cam back from 0-2 down to come back and win 3-2 and clinch another season in the Football League. The emotion at the end when we all heard the Mansfield result and knew we were staying up was unreal and made us all realise what football, and this club, means to us all. It was also my sons Emerson's first ever live match.

The Worst Ever Dagenham and Redbridge Game You Have Ever Been Too?

Difficult choice as there have been so many terrible games down the years! The 0-9 vs Hereford stands out as a real low point although personally I think I would choose the 0-2 defeat to Chelmsford last December. It was freezing, the match was awful and it took me 6 hours to get home!

The Best Ever Dagenham and Redbridge Goal You Have Ever Seen Scored?

Paul Benson's chip from the corner flag against Kidderminster is bound to get a lot of votes and that was indeed the best goal I have seen scored, but my personal favourite is either John Nurse's at Wembley in May or Paul Terry's last minute goal at Morecambe in 2003. Not for quality but for sheer importance and the celebrations they brought with it.

The Worst Ever Dagenham and Redbrdige Goal You Have Seen Conceded?

Again from an emotional point of view it would probably be the second one Shrewsbury scored in May 2009 when we only need a draw to make the Play-Offs. It was such a soft goal and made it 0-2 and I don't think Ive ever felt more disappointed to see the ball hit the back of the net.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge Away Game You Have  Ever Been Too?

The Darlingotn match mentioned earlier would be right up there although personally I really enjoyed the Play-Off Semi-Final against Morecambe in May. However if I had to pick one it would be the aforementioned game against Morecambe in 2003. We looked out of it when they scored to make it 2-1 on aggregate with about three minutes left but then Terry popped up with a last gasp equaliser and we went on to win on penalties to reach the Play-Off Final against Doncaster. The celebrations at the end were unreal.

The Worst Ever Dagenham and Redbridge Away Game You Have Ever Been Too?

To be honest I normally enjoy the away games even when we lose. I have seen some awful games down the years though it was hard to get too excited about a 0-1 defeat at Accrington on a cold Friday night in April 2008.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge Player You Have Ever Seen?

If I can include loan players then it would have to be Matt Ritchie. The guy was simply awesome and easily the best player I have ever seen wear our shirt.However I am restricted to players that we have actually owned then it would have to be Mark Stein. He was a great player who scored some fantastic goals for us.

The Worst Dagenham and Redbridge Player You Have Ever Seen?

Pretty tricky to be honest as I have never looked on our players as not being good enough. They are Daggers and I have always supported them but looking back I guess we have had some terrible ones. Perry Groves was pretty awful in his short spell with us and I was very disappointed with Paulo Vemazza.

If You Could Sign Any Player For Dagenham and Redbridge Who Would It Be And Why?

If you ,mean fantasy then it would be Cesc Fabregas. Quiet simply the best player on the planet!.But if you are being realistic then I would say Charlie Austin of Swindon. The lad can score goals at this level and that is exactly what we need right now. (Ricky did this before today's game).

Where Do You Think The Daggers Will Be In 10 Years Time?

My head says back in the Conference I'm afraid. We cannot hope to maintain our current progress while we continue to sell our best players and I do worry about the future when John Still retires. However my heart would love to see us in the Championship or beyond after we get a sugar daddy to invest vast sums into the club. We would have a 15,000 all setter stadium built in Central Park and with West Ham long since gone bust we would fill it every week with all the ex-Hammers who would have nothing better to do!. Oh and we would have a 33 year old Cesc Fabregas playing in midfield as well.

Thanks Ricky for taking the time for doing this as always if your interested in being Fan Of The Week then email at