Monday, 8 November 2010

My Football Week

I do another blog about non football stuff at feel free to have a look, oh the shameless self promotion. Well here we go then my take on the big football stories of the week. Enjoy it as always.

The FA Youth Cup

Well done the Daggers in wining against Stevenage in the 1st round. A crowd of 280 watched the youngsters win on penalties 3-2 after the game ended in a draw. The hero of the night was Danny Sambrdige who saved a penalty and then stepped up and scored the winner. Well done mate you were superb on the night. The boys play Bristol Rovers in a few weeks at home in the 2nd round and best wishes and good luck to you all.

The FA Cup

A few shock results in this over the weekend which is what the cup is all about. FC UTD of Manchester did superbly in beating Rochdale away from home. They were 2-0, got pegged back too 2-2 then snuck a winner. That's what the FA Cup is all about. Not the top four in the Premier League winning it year in year out. Its about the little clubs having the chance to be hero's for the day. I can remember Mark Janney being all over the papers years ago when we played Charlton. Its a chance for these types of players who ply their trade in the lower divisions to get five minutes of fame. The potential pick of the second round could potentially be AFC Wimbledon vs MK Dons. I know both teams need too win their games first but the T.V. boys will be all over that like a rash. Me? I hope AFC Wimbledon stuff them it was an utter disgrace what the FA did to that club and fair play to them for making their way back through the leagues. I wish them well in their battle too get out of the Conference and claim their rightful place in the league.

Well what a surprise? A controversial goal at Old Trafford. To be fair too Nani he did play to the whistle and Gomes should have held the ball. However saying that surely the ref caused the confusion by not giving clear instructions as to what had happened. Where was the sense of fair play to be honest?. I remember Di Canio years ago playing for West Ham, the Everton keeper got injured and the ball came over and he had an open goal, instead of heading the ball into the net he caught it. That's what fair play is about, you can bang on about playing too the whistle as much as you like, Nani handled the ball after he had dived for a penalty then had the cheek to put the ball in the net. That to me goes against the spirit of the game and is cheating.

Manchester City

Well here we go again. Millions spent on players and guess what? They want to fire the manager. Crazy absolutely crazy. Mancinin's record isn't that bad and I could understand it if they were in the bottom 3 but they are fourth for gods sake. There is so much player power in football these days its gone nuts. So here we go then how about trying this for a change? Shut up and play football. If you are not in the side work harder too get in it. When you are there work your socks off to stay there. Fancy that? Or you could always go to the papers as a secret source, or your agent and start a rumour campaign against him. Yeah thought you may take the latter of those options. If he does go, and its an if at the moment, I hope the next manager who comes in kicks you out. He wont though because he will be scared of losing his job wont he. You reap what you show people, and at the moment it isn't looking very pretty.

Remembrance Sunday

I just want to finish with a few words about this coming Sunday and a well done too all at the game Saturday. I have been going too football for many years now and I must say that everyone at that game Saturday did themselves, their club and the men who carried the flags onto the pitch, a huge amount of respect for following the minutes silence impeccably. You could have heard a pin drop and it was very moving. Its easy to get carried away at times with the game that we love and follow and forget that there are things more important than football. These people go to war because someone tells them too, they don't argue or disagree they just go and do it. They give us the freedom too make the choices we make and whatever your feelings on the current conflicts that we are involved in on Sunday, take those two minutes to pause and reflect on the sacrifices that these men and women make every single day. Bill Shankly made one of the most famous quotes of all time when he said 'Football is not a matter of life and death, its more important than that' I'm aware he had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he said it, but football isn't and we need too remember that on Sunday when we remember the fallen and those still fighting. Its the least we owe them.

Until next week thanks for reading and any comments let me know below.

Cheers Anthony

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