Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fan Of The Week

This week its the turn of Ian Pearce. Ian started supporting the Daggers when he was a young lad who couldn't shave. He decided one day that he wouldn't shave again until he saw the Daggers win away and from his photo you can see its been a while. Ian was the first fan I met over Dagenham and Redbridge and we have always shared a beer when we meet. I thank him for his hospitality and friendship. This fella is for you enjoy it.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge game you’ve ever seen?

Simply has to be the game at Wembley against Rotherham this May. I think it that one game I went through every emotion possible (aside from the one where you need to crap and there are no toilets near, I didn't go through that one ). Seriously though the most amazing day of my life I reckon the achievement was huge.
The Worst Dagenham and Redbridge game you’ve ever seen?

There have been a few. I cant remember many games from the darker past, but there were plenty of games the season we dropped out of the conference. I remember walking out and thinking 'What the F@@k did I just watch there then?'

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge goal you’ve ever seen?

I really loved Paul Benson against Rotherham at home a few years ago, a volley from the edge of the box I seem to recall, or a Matt Ritchie thunderbolt in the 3-0 win away at County the season we just missed the play-offs.

The Worst Dagenham and Redbridge goal conceded you’ve ever seen?

The ones in the big game the other year at Shrewsbury partly because the way they made me feel thoroughly sick, and partly because Shrewsbury seemed to keep opening us the same way and we failed too learn from it until it was too late.

The Best away game you have ever been too?

I have a few big moments I have loved so in no particular order:
Visiting the Old Wembley where we lost 1-0 to Woking. Despite it being a loss it was the first time I had been there and I loved the fact that we got too play there even if it was a loss.
Visiting the New Wembley, a better day result wise, the sheer feeling of ecstasy that cam with it, the fact that I was older and it is more recent, so so so proud to be a Dagger that day (and every day). Because of the coverage and we were getting and the buzz around the place.
Rochdale away a couple of years ago, as it was the first away game Id gone to since moving to Dagenham after a few years away.

The Worst away game you have ever been too?

Sutton Utd away back innnnnnn, I think 1996 or 1997, Arrived in Sutton around 1pm but went to Sutton main station and not West Sutton which happens to be right next to the ground. Was wandering around for ages unable to find the poxy place, and though I cannot remember the score I know we conceded lat on. What a crap day.

The Best ever Dagenham and Redbridge player you have ever seen?

I have many players that I remember well and less well, but a few Ive enjoyed watching over the years- again in no particular order:
Jason Broom, Paul Cobb, Courtney Taylor, Roy Mcdonough, Danny Shipp, Sam Saunders, Danny Green and of course Tony Roberts.

Worst ever Dagenham and Redbridge player you have ever seen?

Anyone who pulls the shirt on and actually gives 100% I wont consider the worst player ever.

If you could sign any player for Dagenham and Redbridge who would it be and why?

Id like too see Sam Saunders brought back from Brentford for nothing and swapping flanks with Danny Green several times. I think that would give us a great edge.

Where do you think Dagenham and Redbridge will be in 10 years?

Probably a few miles away from Barking. Easily accessible by road via the A13.

There you then and thanks Ian for doing this for me. If you want to have a go then email me at

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