Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My Worst Moments Of The Year

Its coming to the end of the year and its put me in a reflective mood. So to end the year I am going to look back at my best and worst moments of following the Daggers this calendar year. To start with though I shall start with the worst and tomorrow I shall do the best.

It wasn't a bad year if I'm honest but the following stick out like a sore thumb. They were the moments that I personally want to consign to the history bin of hell and hope that I never have to relive these moments ever again. So lets get this list started then.

Number 5: Notts County (Home) 0-3

This pained me greatly if I'm honest. Notts manipulated the League and bought the title last year. On a freezing cold night at home at the end of January I sat there and watched us get beat. To make matters worse Lee Hughes wound up our fans every chance he got. I'm not condoning the throwing of tea at him or the fan that offered him out ( that made me chuckle though as the bloke was huge). Its the way he took the opportunity to shove it down our throats every chance he got. The club in my opinion has no class, they spent money they didn't have, and spent it wildly. To lose to them at home in the way that we did really annoyed me. I wanted to beat them more than anyone else last year but it wasn't to be.

Number 4: Scott Griffiths

This disappointed me to be honest in the way it was done. I don't blame Scott at all for going, he left us for a Championship side at the time and I wished him well when he went. The problem I had was with the timing of it. His agent started spouting off and turned the lads head and he was gone. He didn't go in January though did he? No he went before that on loan and that meant we were sort at left back until we could sign someone else in January. Sometimes I wish the club would say no until the transfer window and look out  for our needs first. To make a player wait a few weeks wouldn't hurt him would it?. Good luck Scott with wherever your future lies, I just wished it was still with us.

Number 3: Cheltenham (Home) 0-2

This was not how I was supposed to spend my Christmas. I got the corporate tickets as a Christmas present, delivered with a letter from John Still as well. I was really looking forward to this. We arrived early and sat and enjoyed the meal with the people on the table who happened to be Cheltenham fans, a bit of banter ensued and we took our seats to watch the game. They to be honest didn't expect much as they were fighting at the wrong end of the table and had been on a bad run of form. Then guess what happened? We didn't even turn up. We were awful that day and were totally outplayed, outfought and overran. We were diabolical. The Cheltenham fans next to us couldn't believe their luck and to be fair to them they didn't rub it in too much, I'm not sure in their position I would have been so gracious, they offered handshakes and best wishes at the end of the game and I thought that was as bad as it was going to get. How wrong was I!.

Number 2: Paul Benson leaving.

Before I start I don't blame him going I really don't, the timing could have been better, but for him it was the best move and the fulfilment of a dream. Good luck to him. For me it was the end of an era simple as that, He had been on our journey with us from Non-League to League 1. A fantastic servant of this club. Will it mean we will get relegated without him? Who knows the season isn't over yet is it! For me though it was a huge loss when he went and we miss him more than he will ever know. The way he led the line, the goals he scored, I'm going to stop now as I'm getting all misty eyed.

Number 1: Aldershot (Home) 2-5

This was bad, really bad, so bad Ive even been to the doctor to get some memory erasing tablets to stop me waking up in cold sweats. I had badgered a few blokes I work with to come and watch us and they agreed to do so and picked this game. What a nightmare!. Jamie Day made his debut and for the first 2 minutes I thought we had found the replacement for Scott Griffiths we needed. Then he had his first touch and all my hopes evaporated like yesterdays turkey sandwich. It wasn't just him though the whole team that night was bad. It has to go down as our worst performance of the last few years. We were that bad. I stood behind the goal watching them score when they felt like it and they felt like it often, We were all over the place. Arrrgggggghhhhhh it still hurts.

So there you are then my worst 5 moments from the last calendar year of being a Dagger. Have I missed any? Or are some of your memories worse than mine?.


  1. Griffiths leaving and the home games you mention v Aldershot and Cheltenham were all in the caledar year 2009...but all 3 were bad days!

  2. Grifiths didn't officially leave until 1st January and the othe two were in December one of them the 28th seeing as this was posted in December dont be so pendantic Ricky! They were the two worst games I've ever seen so seeing as they were in December I'm allowed to add them lol

  3. Mmm Griffiths left in October, the day before Maccelsfield away, yes on loan initially but he didn't play for us again after Bradford...but okay I'll let you have the other two then even though they were in 2009!