Sunday, 5 December 2010

Should We Pull Out Of FIFA?

There has been a lot of things said about why we didn't get the World Cup over the few days since the result was announced. There have been allegations of corruption on FIFA's part, there have been allegations that the media in this country was the problem and there has been calls for us too pull out of FIFA completely and start another organisation too teach them a lesson. We all know FIFA is pretty much corrupt as are most football organisations. The money talks simple as that. Was the media the problem? Well I'm sure it didn't help but I'm glad we live in a country that has freedom of the press whether I agree with it or not sometimes. So that leaves us with pulling out of FIFA. Before I give my verdict on what I think we should do lets look at the top 15 teams as ranked by FIFA and see who could join us in this breakaway.

These are currently the top 15 sides in the World as ranked by FIFA.

1Spain Spain19200Equal39
2Netherlands Netherlands17180Equal35
3Brazil Brazil14930Equal0
4Germany Germany14890Equal8
5Argentina Argentina13530Equal33
6England England12500Equal45
7Uruguay Uruguay11740Equal7
8Portugal Portugal11020Equal-21
9Croatia Croatia10980Equal12
10Egypt Egypt10471Up13
11Greece Greece10431Up17
12Norway Norway10041Up15
13Russia Russia1003-3Down-58
14Italy Italy9952Up94
15Slovenia Slovenia9580Equal32

So lets start with the top 5 shall we Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany and Argentina. How many of them do you think would join us in a breakaway? None. Brazil have the next World Cup, Spain are World Champions, Germany has Franz Beckenbaur on its executive committee, could we trust Argentina with what they think of us over the Falklands Islands and Holland well thanks but they aren't exactly a super power are they. So lets move onto the next 5 shall we.

Uruguay will never go against the rest of South America, Portugal bid for the last one with Spain, Croatia are part of Eastern Europe who will host it for the first time in 2018 and Egypt have a member on the executive committee. So then the next 5. Does anyone see a pattern emerging here? Greece were critical of our arrogance, Norway they may do, Russia? hahahahaha stop it my sides hurt, Italy no chance, Slovenia just look for Croatia.

So by my calculations that leaves us with possibly Norway and ourselves out of the top 15 sides in the world who could break away. Doesn't sound too good now does it. To be fair it would be a disaster. If we did it the sanctions against us would be terrible. Banned from European competition, don't think that will happen? who's in charge of UEFA? Our biggest fan Michelle Platini. All the top players would leave our game and move back to European games, SKY would pull the plug on live games and the Premier League would collapse, hold on a minute that doesn't sound too bad does it.

What are the options then. Well we have a few and it is going to be difficult for people too swallow some of  these so here goes.

Option 1: We never bid for it again. Well until Blatter and all the others have retired or died. We are NEVER going to get it whilst they are there and in charge. They don't like us and I bet privately they enjoyed the fact that they had humiliated the English and put us in our place. Cameron, Beckham and Prince William must have really been hurt by the way they were treated, but we are so anti-European in this country what did they honestly expect anyway?.

Option 2: We start kissing butt. We play the game and we give them money and presents when they want them. We do everything that they want us to do and we do it until they cant take anymore.

Personally I cant stomach either of these so how about option 3 then.

Option 3: We start by getting the Premier League too help the FA. They now need each other more than ever. Start working WITH each other rather than AGAINST each other or there is no future for us at International level. Whether it be bidding for tournaments or winning them. There has been talk of Beckham being the head of the FA. No don't laugh I think he would be excellent at it. There hasn't been a higher profile or more dare I say iconic figure in this country for a long time. However I would have him working alongside David Dein. That man knows how the power game works and he would be superb at it. With these two at the head of our game then I feel we may start to make some headway in the direction that we want to be.

Don't get me wrong it wont happen overnight and there are more fundamental issues with our game that go far deeper than appointing these two at the head of our game but for a start it would be a move in the right direction. It would perhaps get UEFA and more importantly FIFA on our side and working with us rather than against us. They would smooth the workings of FIFA and perhaps who knows they may even like us. It has got to be worth a try surely? What do we have too lose? Nothing.

Until we sort out the issues in our own game then I feel we should NOT waste money on bidding for another World Cup. That hurts to say that as it could be another 20-30 years before we see the best the world has to offer play in this country but until we sort our own house out then that has to be the price that we pay.

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