Thursday, 2 December 2010

FIFA And Honesty

I have calmed down a little from this afternoon but I still cannot believe the blatant cheating that is corrupting sport at all levels. Did I want us to win the bid for the World Cup? Yes absolutely it would have been an amazing event in this country and we would have done an excellent job of it. Am I surprised we didn't get it? A little to be honest. When I saw that we went out in the first round it smacked of putting 'that little island in its place' to me.

I'm annoyed at the BBC mostly though. They should be bloody ashamed of themselves for that absolute joke of a programme that they allowed to be shown on Monday night. I'm all for freedom of the press and the right to have a proper investigation into allegations of corruption at FIFA. After all they are the World governing body of football and set the rules we all must follow. However the programme was an absolute shambles. It spoke of allegations that officials had took bribes at least 10 YEARS AGO. How is that recent? What on earth did they expect FIFA to do? To screen it 3 DAYS before the event was an act in my opinion of sabotage and I feel they should offer an apology for what they did. Will they? Will the heck they don't care and I will address the BBC in a separate blog on my other page in the next few days.

This is what Villar Llona the chairmen of the Spanish/Portugal bid had to say about FIFA a few days ago:
"I love FIFA dearly but those I love the most are my colleagues in the ExCo.Recently we have been criticised by many media outlets. Unfortunately for them FIFA is a clean institution.FIFA values honesty, FIFA works for football and for the world and all my colleagues here present are all honest, hard-working football people and the people not here are also honest and hard-working.You have already heard enough slander in the media, the bidding process is clean regardless of what they say."

Really what about this FACT then Mr Llona if FIFA is so 'clean', Six FIFA officials were last month suspended following a Sunday Times investigation, yeah really clean aren't they?. Jack Warner the FIFA Vice-President had been implicated TWICE in ticket touting. He has also been fined a MILLION DOLLARS for it as well yet you still say FIFA is clean? Really? Do we look stupid? Obviously you think we are. A man who has been found guilty of ticket touting is allowed to stay as the Vice President of FIFA. Only in the corrupt world of football would this be allowed too happen. It smacks of 'Oh you got caught never mind don't do it again will you'. An absolute disgrace if I'm honest and one that should strip them of all credibility, but it wont because they are all at it.

I'm all for the World Cup going around the world. I like seeing the tournament in the other countries and tournaments I think its great to get a view of cultures and the way they do things. However FIFA continue too put profit above safety and that means they take back handers. Don't believe me? Well lets look at Russia. They have NO stadiums that are of the required standard. Their transport links and accommodation are appalling. They have some of the worst hooligans in Europe and yet FIFA feel its okay to stage a tournament there?. How about Qatar. Come on you know them that fantastic footballing country with the huge history at international level, you will remember them from the World Cup of...Oh yeah sorry forgot they haven't qualified before EVER. The best bit though? You can expect professional footballers to run about in temperatures in the 50c. That's over a 100f. Going to be a great footballing showcase isn't it?.

Ive had enough of this now I really have. The way money rules the game I love from the Premier League to the National Squad to FIFA and UEFA themselves is beyond a joke now. It has to be investigated from top too bottom and then, only then, will I start to watch it again. If it doesn't involve Dagenham and Redbridge I don't care. Honestly I'm that fed up with the way that money dictates who gets what and finishes where. Its about time that the corruption in football was ended. Will it be though? Of course not they make far too much money in back handers for it ever to be clean.

For them to keep saying it is makes them look fools and us even bigger ones trying to win a tournament that we wont stoop to with backhanders. Well done today Team England you did us proud. FIFA? Oh wait and until the English press goes after YOU now, which they will, we have some of the best investigative journalists in the world. You wont know whats hit you, you cheating, bribe taking, liars I hope you all get what is coming too you.

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