Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Top 5 Moments As A Dagger This Past Year

Yesterday I  told you about my 5 worst moments of the year following the Daggers. It seems only right though that I end it on a positive note. There have been many highlights this past year and narrowing them down to five wasn't easy. Some of you may agree some of you may not, but these are MY top 5 moments and I will give my reasons why as we go on. So lets get started.

Number 5: Aldershot (Away) 2-3

This was all about revenge for me. Beating them would go some way to absorb the pain I felt in my heart after the drubbing they gave us. The only problem was it would mean more pain for me but this time in my head. I was working late that night and as I left work I checked the score and we were losing 1-0. Great I thought as I got onto my hour long tube journey. At the other end I checked again and was even more disappointed to see that we were losing 2-1. As I waited for my bus I refreshed the text and saw we had equalised. A point was great but I wanted more. As I climbed the stairs of the bus I hit refresh and then it happened. In the dying moments we scored. Paul Benson had put us in front. I yelled with joy and fell down the stairs of the bus cutting my head open as I did so. People came running towards me but I didn't care we had beaten Aldershot away, revenge was mine, well plus three stitches and some explaining to do to the wife but hey we won didn't we!.

Number 4: Carlise (Away) 2-0

The Green kit, oh how it was embraced with love and joy when we all first saw it wasn't it? What do you mean we all hated, Ive not heard that before. Anyway we all thought it was a Jonah kit for us and after we broke our duck away in the..........oh yeah our home kit, oh well it didn't matter did it?. This was when I finally believed that we could stay in this league if I'm honest. It was a superb all round performance and we battered them. What an unexpected result and unfortunately although we weren't to play again this year it was a great way to end our year. Hopefully we can carry it on into next year and stay up.

Number 3: Swindon (Home) 2-1

The loss of Paul Benson left us short of goals. Not to worry Bas Savage was here with his blue and red hair. We bossed the game from start to finish and as John Still said it was our biggest league victory. What a day, what a header. We took on an ex-Premier league side at home and beat them. Not only that we played them off the park in the process. It was a truly wondrous game and I will never forget it. Us beating Swindon at home in a League match absolute quality.They arrived expecting to turn us over and the boys did us proud that day. I hope there are many more of these type of wins to come. This told all League 1 sides not to underestimate us. If they do they may get a surprise coming their way.

Number 2: Morecambe (Home) 6-0 (Away) 2-1 Play-off Semi Final

I know its two games but I class it as 1 because it was over two legs, plus I think they were probably our most important games of the last year. These games stand out because it was so unexpected. After two tight league games we again expected a close game. I'm not sure what happened that day even now. Did they freeze? Were we untouchable? I don't know I think an little bit of both to be honest. We were amazing that day at Victoria Road truly everything we did worked for us. The return at their place was memorable for the pitch invasion at the end. I have never, ever in may years witnessed anything like it. Fans from both sides milling together on the pitch and shaking hands. It was a sight to behold and a wonderful feeling. We were at Wembley and they had won their last ever game at their ground. A better set of results I couldn't have hoped for.

Number 1: Rotherham (Wembley) 3-2

It couldn't be anything else could it? As I made my way down Wembley way surrounded by Rotherham supporters I was very nervous. Then all of a sudden this guy dressed head to toe in Red and White appears and asks for a photo. Why not I thought. We took the photo and shook hands wishing each other luck for the day ahead. I went hoping to see us score. For us to win, well words fail me and I will carry those memories to my grave. From John Still getting chocked up at the after match interview, Arkwright crying on the big screen, to the day itself with my Dad, Father-in-law and Daughter.All dressed from head to toe in Yellow. Lets just say I wont forget what was a truly wonderful occasion. Whatever happens this year they cant take that away from us. Lets be honest how many teams can say they have seen their side lift a trophy at Wembley? Not many I bet.

So there we go then my top 5 moments from last season. I would guess most people have number 1 and 2 but what about the others? Let me know what you do and don't agree with.

Happy New Year All


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