Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dagenham and Redbridge Fan Of The Week

After a little break due too work commitments its back with a real star this week. Step forward PENFOLD. Apart from being Dangermouses sidekick he is also a secret Daggers fan. Penfold enjoy your week of fame and thanks for taking part.

Dagenham And Redbridge Fan Of The Week

1. Best Dagenham game you’ve ever seen?

Some people would answer this straight away and say 30th May 2010 @ Wembley, but I don’t think that has been the best. For me it would have to be Ipswich Town in the FA Cup. This was a game that I strangely thought we could get something out of and our first half performance that game backed my thoughts up. It was a game where if we had gone in level at 2-2, the 2nd half would have been a different game. Mark Janney narrowly put the ball wide and I think that was a wakeup call for Ipswich.

2. Worst Dagenham game you’ve ever seen?

Again, some will say Hereford 9-0 purely because of the result and some woeful performance to go with it, but I think Chester away, September 2002. We lost 5-2 and it wasn’t a nice trip home after that. Chester were simply the better side on the day and to say we had 11 players out on the pitch would have been very generous. I hope I wont be judged too harshly if I said we would be playing at The Britannia Stadium in may, Id have been checked into a Mental Asylum!

3. Best Dagenham goal you’ve ever seen?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t present at Kidderminster when Benno scored that goal from the corner flag. The best Dagenham goal I have seen could be 1 of 3. Firstly Matt Jones, a naturally left footed winger, cut in from the left hand side, 30 yards out, and sweetly hit a curling shot off his right foot into the top right corner of the net. What made this a better goal was a comment before he did that "Jonesy, you are the weakest link, GOODBYE!"

Secondly, Jon Nurse's goal at Crewe. Yes I did miss it in the first place due to being told off by a Steward, but I managed to see it on the Highlights.

Lastly, Matt Ritchie's ping at Notts County. It all happened rather quickly, as we took the free kick, Matt dribbled about 5 yards before launching a left foot at the ball and just as most of the county players turned around, it was nestling in the back of the net. (At least I think that’s how it happened!)

So out of those 3, would I be harsh to say Matt Jones' strike??

4. Worst Dagenham goal conceded you’ve ever seen?

Now this is a test for my shockingly poor memory!. Adam Miller's cross cum shot whilst playing for Aldershot springs to mind!!  I suppose this was payback for a comment from the crowd "F Off you greasy haired T-Nuc!"

5. Best away game?

Morecambe playoff final 2010! Although the game was unofficially over, there was still an amount of nerves flying around after hearing Morecambe had gone 4-2-4!!! And with our record at Christie Park, anything could have happened. Thankfully, it was still goalless with an hour gone and the conga's started. Mainly the Teletubbies lead the conga, followed by Mr Mankini and Banana Man!!!! This was caught on the live coverage, and numerous texts asking if I was in the conga, I got replies of "you coward". Benno then scored a perfectly legit goal which was somehow ruled out for offside by an official who I have seen to be running the line in the Premiership!!! How messed up the official ranking system is I don’t know, but after that mistake surely he should have been sent back to "Referee School" after that howler. 3 goals after that ensured Morecambe won the last ever game at Christie Park but it wasn’t enough to stop us from visiting that awfully drab stadium called Wembley! The coach was bouncing down the motorway and after a tirade of songs we settled down to fits of laughter… hey we were going to Wembley!

6. Worst away game?

Doncaster - Playoff final 2003. What a way to lose a playoff final and what made it worse, listening to Whitney Houston - Didn’t we almost have it all, on the coach journey home!

7. Best ever Dagenham player?

Best ever? Hmm… Natural Talent - Matt Ritchie, Goalscoring - Cobby/Shippy (Pre99), and some park player called Benson? Truthfully, I'd say Tony Roberts. This man has the Pinache all men want to have. Funny, Nuts, Legend! Always remember him "dancing" to Tom Jones - Sex Bomb at the supporters club event that happened to be hosted on St. Georges Day. If the song had gone on any longer, Robbo would have been wearing his Birthday Suit!

8. Worst ever Dagenham player?

Tony Scully!! Without a doubt the most useless, so called footballer I have ever seen!

9. If you could sign any player for Dagenham who would it be and why?

Cheekily, id like one from each area of the pitch but 1 player id sign for D&R, it would be Lee Novak. Was very impressed with him at Huddersfield and always knows where the net is.

10. Where do you think Dagenham will be in 10 years?

Hopefully, we will still be in League 1. I do however feel that should we be relegated this season, 10 years time we will be back in the Blue Square Premier as we would be able to sustain the current wages and our "stars" will have better offers.

Without real investment, we will be no higher.

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