Monday, 25 October 2010

My Football Week

Hi All, I do another blog which I write about things non football related. Ive wanted to do a blog where I can rant and share my inane thoughts for a while which are purely based on football. This blog will be it. It will mainly be about the Daggers but I will cover other subjects as well in football. Things that get my goat and things that make me laugh. So here we go then with the first of my weekly  blogs which looks back at English Football.

The F.A. Cup:

Its finally happened. We have been drawn at home in a cup game as a League club. We also get a local derby as well. It couldn't have gone better in my opinion. Leyton Orient at home will be a huge crowd, hopefully a sell out. A difficult game none the less but a chance to win and progress to the second round. I'm really looking forward to this game as I'm sure others are as well. It wont be easy but if we play to our true potential then we should be able to progress. The F.A. Cup still holds a great romance for me and I feel it should be treated with respect by the bigger clubs. It means an awful lot to us, we may never win it, but we deserve the chance to play the big boys. Can you imagine getting to the third round and drawing Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal at home?. Id love to see them play at our ground just once. Let me suffer the pain of relegation if I get just one chance at seeing one of them at our ground this season. Is that too much to ask?

Wayne Rooney:

Wayne your a greedy git. I get that you earn loads of money, I also get that you want to win things. However you are also an idiot. Why? Well look mate you play for Man Utd and have the most successful manager in the clubs history. You had an awful end to the season and a very poor World Cup. You also had a go at the fans as well didn't you? So why do you think that I care where you play? I don't to be honest. You agreed a massive pay rise so well done but you owe it too YOUR FANS to win them back and make sure they support you once more. At the moment I think a large part of them couldn't have cared if you stayed or went. Dangerous place to be mate. When it hits the fan (which it has for you recently, mostly of your own doing I might add!) they will be the ones that pull you through. I believe it may be pay back time now don't you?

Steve Evans:

This made me laugh out loud. I bet your fans are well chuffed at the way you keep opening your mouth and then make them look like idiots. How on earth did you think someone of the calibre of Robert Pires was going to play for you? Even Arsene Wenger laughed out loud. If your aim was too create publicity for the club you certainly did that, but you ended up looking an idiot again. There was no way a player of his quality is going to drop into the conference, however if he wants a game I'm sure we will be able to give him a minutes every now and then. As for you? I hope you don't destroy another club.

Portsmouth F.C.:

I don't have a lot of time for clubs that spend money they don't have as Ive covered this in my Sky blog, but I do feel sorry for the fans. I played for Portsmouth when I was a kid when Alan Ball was there. I was a goalkeeper and I was there for a few months. What impressed me was the way that he learnt every kids name.  I have never forgot that ever so I have a soft spot for them. They chased a dream and got caught up in people telling them how great it could be. Do I blame the fans for that? No. We would all do it. I blame the F.A. who let it happen. The bubble is going to burst soon and there will be a lot of clubs in their position. That's a sad day for me as a football fan, not just us the Daggers but football in general. It has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now. Us as fans sacrifice things to support the club we love, yet we get treated as fools (not at Dagenham and Redbridge I might add). Give me our club and countless like us, Stevenage, Morecombe, Blackpool to name a few. Small clubs with small crowds that punch above our weight season after season with limited success but trying to live the dream THE RIGHT way rather than a rich mans plaything.

Notts County:

If ever a club needed a reality check its them. Struggling at the foot of League 2 a few seasons ago they then cheated their way to the League 2 title last season spending money they didn't have. Too strong? No I don't think so ask any Rochdale fan what they think of them. They then sack their manager when they are 16th in League 1 in their first season. Are you serious? What on earth did you think you was going to do win the League?. The owners of that club really do need to have a long hard at look at themselves because changing your manager every few months never works. Just ask the numerous clubs that do it on a regular basis or better still ask Sven when he gets the boot at Leicester, as I'm sure he will with the chairman he has.

Steve Claridge:

Mr Claridge would it kill you to say something positive about us? Honestly I sit there every Saturday night waiting for the 30 second highlights of our game and for you to say something nice about us. You never ever do. Not even last season. Have we annoyed you at some stage in the past?. I know we are every one's favourites to go down, I know we don't play the prettiest football but surely it wouldn't kill you to say oh I don't know let me help you a little "Dagenham and Redbridge are punching well above their weight but its good to see a club like them making a go of it". There try that, just once, please?.

Ian Holloway:

I love you. Simple as that. Your rant the other day was from the heart by a man who cares about football. I don't care if you got some if wrong the Premier League is a much better place with you in it. You said what every fan was thinking and you did it in such a way that you didn't care what people thought. A true legend and I hope you stay up this season because after that mate you deserve too. A true football man speaking from the heart. You are as mad as a box of frogs sometimes but you never, ever cease too entertain and amuse me. I could listen to that rant all day long. Good luck for the season, wish I could be there when Rooney comes to your place.

So there you are then the first of my new weekly blogs about what annoys me in football. Ill do one a week and please feel free to agree or disagree. I wont take it personally.



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