Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Unsung Hero

It's not been a bad start to the season, we are lacking a striker which has been discussed to death on the forum, but I think people are over looking someone who has made a fantastic start to the season. No Im not talking about digger the dog, a little farther back than that, still no idea? Okay then Chris Lewington. Yes the one in the yellow jersey wearing number 1 on it.

With all the talk of Benson, Green and Vincelot having left us, I'm rather surprised that Chris hasn't got more of a mention. He replaced an absolute legend in Robbo and I for one was a little disappointed for him when we signed James Shea on loan as I thought that he would play and Chris would spend another season on the bench. After all Shea came from Arsenal with a big reputation. I first watched Chris in the semi final of the Essex Cup against Colchester a few years ago, and to be honest he was outstanding that night and I have followed his progress closely ever since.

Since his sending off on the first day of the season, sorry to mention it again, he has been ever present. He has pulled of some superb saves and with the help of the defence we have only conceded four goals. I know we haven't scored many but four goals, two of which were penalties is a great record for a keeper in his first full season as Number 1. It's a huge credit to him that we aren't even talking about the goalkeeping position, no ones even mentioned it. It's like he's always been there and Robbo is a different dream.

Chris Lewington would I'm sure be the first one to thank Robbo for all the help and advice he has been given down the years, but credit too him for making the position his own. Being a goalkeeper is a nightmare position, I know I was one for Portsmouth Youth many years ago, one minute your a hero, the next your the biggest idiot in the world. It's a no win situation and yes you have to be a little mad to play there. So, to our unsung hero, well done, great start, well never forget Robbo, but let's start giving a bit of credit where it is deservedly due.

I just wanted to mention this link that Walesdagger posted on the forum recently, I know sone of you are aware of this very brave little girl, but there are other fans of other clubs who read my blog and don't know who she is. So click the links, and if you want to donate then please feel free, Click here

On another note, this will be my last blog post for 'a view from the sieve', running this blog, plus my own one, is taking up too much of my time and stopping me pursing other writing avenues. I just wanted to say thanks to the 20,000 odd people that have visited, read my inane drivel, commented and let me talk about our club. I will appear somewhere else shortly, writing about the club, but it won't be here sadly. So once again thank you its meant an awful lot to me other the past few seasons. Anthony.

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