Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Goodbye Danny Green and good luck


The worst kept secret is finally out, Danny Green is no longer a Dagger but a Charlton player. Sold for a record fee the club cannot be disappointed with the fee and I'm sure all of us wish him well for the future. Now all I have to do is tell my daughter her favourite player has gone, a job that if any of you wish to accept I'll gladly pass on.

Signed from Bishop Stortford in 2009 I've enjoyed watching Danny play. Like all of you I'm sure you have favourite memories of goals scored and such forth so i would like to share a few of mine with you all.

Chesterfield Away 2010

My first ever away game with the Daggers and worth the journey for the free kick he scored to put us 2-0 up. Taken from the right hand side in front of the home support he placed the ball, looked at the keeper and unleashed a screamer into top left hand side of the net. I stood there jaw open turning to the bloke standing next to me and saying 'What a goal that was' then going nuts. Unfortunately we couldn't hold on and win the game eventually drawing 2-2 but like I said it was worth the trip for the goal.

Port Vale Home 2009

This one stands out because firstly my Dad didn't come to this game as he wasn't well so I stood on the terrace behind the goal, a rare treat for me, and watched Danny take the left back too absolute pieces that afternoon. Danny tormented him, pushing the ball through his legs and beating him for pace, knocking it past him, giving him a five yard start and still beating him. The one I remember the most though was standing directly behind the full back on the terraces, watching as Danny ran towards him with a smile on his face and then knocking it through the defenders legs once again. That is how football should be played, with skill and more importantly a smile.

Wembley 2010

For no other reason than he was on fire this day, the size of the pitch suited him, the occasion suited him and he scored at Wembley just when we needed it the most. He was, in my opinion unplayable that day. He had his chance and took it and deserved it for his efforts throughout the season. How many players can say they have scored at Wembley, let alone played there?

Meeting the man himself.

It was a real privilege to spend some time with the players after the game against Burton in our promotion season. I sat in the bar a little awe struck if I'm honest I hadn't met players I watched every week since I was a kid. My youngest son wandered over to Tony Roberts and asked who he was (the little git), to be fair to Tony Roberts he laughed it off and posed for a photo no problem. My eldest daughter suddenly went all red and I couldn't work out why then I saw Danny had entered the bar and got my answer. His mum saw what had happened and invited us over to say hello, all I can say is what a genuinely nice bloke and I hope he doesn't change the way that he made my daughter feel special that day when he signed her shirt and posed for a photo. That he always makes sure he has time for us fans, wherever he may end up. Having met him briefly I cannot see this changing.

So once again the club sticks to is promise of allowing a player to move on and further his career. I'll miss him, as I'm sure others will, but mostly good luck to him it's a great opportunity for him to further his career and I wish him all the best. Perhaps one day we may see him wear the red and blue of Dagenham and Redbridge, until then good luck, all the best and thank you for the memories.

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