Friday, 15 July 2011

Au Revoir Romain


Hands up all those of us that had heard of Romain Vincelot two years ago? Put your hand down at the back because you didn't did you, that's right you there, yes you, there we go no one. He joined us as a defender and ended it as a free scoring centre midfielder who gave his all for us whenever he wore the shirt. For that I thank him and wish him well for the future.

His move to Brighton is a huge step up for him, not only in wages, but when I look at our team he is in that group of players that deserve a chance to show their skills at a higher level. It appears that with the signing of ex-dagger Craig Mckall-Smith and now Romain that Brighton are hoping to outscore everyone else in the championship this season, it certainly won't be boring that's for sure.

Romain has turned into a firm fans favourite in the time he's been here, he doesn't quite reach legend status in my opinion, because I don't think you can be a legend in two seasons, a firm fans favourite yes and fondly remembered as well of course, but I will always look back at the goals he scored and the way he gave everything for us with very fond memories. From standing behind the goal and seeing him leap into the air to head the goal against Leyton Orient, to the awful clash of heads he suffered in the early part of last season.

We will miss his goals that's for certain, but as a club this is what we do isn't it? We give players a chance and don't stand in their way when their talents shine and a bigger club comes in for them. At the end of last season when the dust had settled, I looked at our team and thought that Danny Green, Romain Vincelot, and Scott Doe would possibly not be here with us next season. I also thought that Robbo might not want to carry on either and was worried that we may lose the backbone of our side.

Unfortunately I've been proved correct with Danny Green and Romain Vincelot now leaving us, ( just on the off chance Scott Doe and Robbo read this I will cry if you go as well). Romain joined us from the lower leagues in France, a trailist at first he soon showed what he could do and we took him too our hearts. Time doesn't stand still and I hope that when he looks back at his time here at the Daggers he does so fondly.

I hope that he laughs at the crazy english people who added him on Facebook and tried to understand what he was saying in French ( come on I know some of you did this), I hope he looks back on that beautifully warm day at Wembley with great pride at what he helped us achieve that day, I hope that the memory of last seasons relegation isn't too painful and that he remembers the positives from it rather than the end result ( 1 point, 1 bloody point and no I'm still not over it ),I hope he remembers the fans in the sieve who sang is name, but most of all I hope he remembers how much we loved watching him play for us.

Au Revior Romain well miss you.

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