Tuesday, 15 May 2012

No morals? Great lets win the League

After what was one of the best final days to a Premier League season that many of us can remember we should be talking about that, but once again we aren't. When are clubs and more importantly fans going to tell the likes of Joey Barton and Carlos Tevez that their behaviour is unacceptable and unwanted? How much longer will fans of those clubs accept these players and continue to put their names on the back of their shirts?

The way Barton conducts himself on and off the pitch is a disgrace. He was given a talent that most people would give their right arm for yet he portrays himself quite happily as a 'Hardman'. He then continues to spout shite on twitter using the band the Smiths as his main mode of conversation. The man shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a football pitch.

For all his bravado and convictions the thing that annoys me the most is the way he is wasting his time being an idiot when he should be concentrating on playing football. On Sunday his team needed a point to survive yet he decided he was going to take on half the Man City team!. His cowardly knee into the back of Aguero, his face contorted in anger sums him up completely. He will face a massive ban at the start of next season as well, don't be surprised to see him transfer listed shortly after.

Tevez decided that he didn't want to play for Man City earlier this season so he went on strike for 6 months and went home to Argentina. Mancini said he would never play for the club again yet when it appeared the title was beginning to slip away there was Tevez back into the squad and then into the team. He then has the audacity to hold aloft a sign saying RIP Fergie on it. It is laughed off by most of the Man City fans as high jinks. No it wasn't, it was offencive and coming from someone who didn't even want to play for the club at one stage it beggars belief.

These are just two examples why I don't follow a Premiership team. As a fan of these clubs you will accept any player, no matter how badly they behave, as long as they help you win trophies. You will defend the indefensible time and time again, you will put their names on the back of your expensive shirts, then moan about players at other clubs doing exactly what your own team and club have done.

The money that has seeped into the game at the highest level has corrupted normal rational thinking people into accepting any type of behaviour from the people who represent their club. I have one small glimmer of hope left and its this. When these players finally retire with their millions in the bank, they will not be remembered as great players by 99% of the country, they may be remembered by some of the fans at their clubs but they wont be the names the dads pass onto the sons.

Eventually they will fade from our minds and all they will have left is their money. Believe me that will hurt them more than anything else because no one will care about them anymore. All footballers want to be remembered by the fans that saw them play, these two wont even be remembered by the fans of the clubs they played for and rightly so.

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