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Fan Of The Week

Here we are then Fan Of The Week is.................Lee Wilson. So then Lee over to you. Your moment of glory as Dagenham Fan Of The Week is all yours.

Lee Wilson
Born 2nd December 1988

Originally trained to be a sports journalist. Have decided on a career change and am starting/started uni in September doing a Primary Education course with the view to becoming a teacher. Apart from that, I've been a football coach since the age of 15 and have managed my team for the last three years.
I've been a Daggers fan since Gary Hill's final season which was 2003/04 if I'm not mistaken. I remember watching the Play Off final against Doncaster and being disappointed when we lost. My uncle took me to the Boxing Day game when we lost 3-2 to Aldershot the following season (Danny Shipp scored a brace I think) and from then on I was hooked. Have been a regular ever since.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge Game You Have Ever Been Too?
 My god this is a hard choice as I've experienced some memorable days supporting the Daggers. I suppose the obvious choice is the Play Off final against Rotherham as we won and it was an entertaining game. Apart from that, the 2-2 away draw at Oxford was exciting and was the moment for me when I knew we were going up, which was an amazing feeling.

The Worst Dagenham and Redbridge Game You Have Ever Been Too?
 I'm tempted to say the 9-0 defeat to Hereford but it actually became quite amusing in a perverse sort of way. For sheer misery, there was a game in the 2nd half of the 2004/05 season against York City. It was the season before we had that memorable Conference winning year. We were achieving nothing in mid table and it was a freezing cold and rainy February/March Tuesday night. We lost 2-0 I think and were absolutely dire. There were 900 odd supporters there, the atmosphere was dead and it seemed like no progression was being made. I remember going home dejected that evening wondering if I'd ever see us achieve anything. Thankfully I have!

The Best Dagenham And Redbridge Goal You Have Ever Seen?
 Quite a few stand out. Uddin's pile driver was unbelievable. Steven Clarke (I think) scored a fantastic volley from 35-40 yards. However, for sheer audacity, I have to go for Benson's chip from the throw in line away to Kiddiminster. Firstly because it was a phenomenal goal and secondly because I'd bunked college to get on the coach to be one of the 50 odd Daggers there. That's still my favourite away day of all time as we just all had a proper laugh.

The Worst Dagenham And Redbridge Goal You Have Ever Seen Conceded?
 There's nothing kamikaze that stands out in my mind from a team perspective. Therefore, I'll have to choose a Robbo error. The one against Oxford where he raced out to kick, produced an air shot and Yemi Odebeye chipped it in from 25 yards. The home end exploded and I remember everyone around me in complete shock that the title might be slipping away.

The Best Dagenham and Redbridge Away Game You've Ever Been Too?
 Got to be the Kiddiminster away night game where we won 4-1 in our promotion season. We got back at a stupid hour in the morning but it was so much fun on the coach and in the ground. I'd have probably said the Darlo game where we stayed up had I been able to go but unfortunately I couldn't make it.

The Worst Dagenham And Redbridge Away Game You've Ever Been Too?
There's quite a few to choose from here as my away record since we've been in the Football League has been absolutely shocking. Losing 6-1 to Huddersfield was disappointing although we kind of accepted that they'd just outclassed us. However, losing 5-0 away to Shrewsbury in the JPT takes the biscuit. A handful of Daggers were there and we were dreadful. Huke at right back, Nurse up front at his ultimate worse. *shudders*

The Best Ever Dagenham And Redbridge Player You've Ever Seen?
Craig Mackail Smith and Scott Griffiths are the best two players we've let go in terms of talent in my opinion. For me though, the best ever Daggers is Robbo. There aren't enough characters in football today and Robbo manages to be a top sport whilst maintaining his ability. Absolute legend.

The Worst Ever Dagenham And Redbridge Player You've Ever Seen?
He's probably not the worst player to put on a Daggers shirt in my time of supporting the club, but Nana Ofori Twumasi managed to infuriate me the most out of any player we've ever had. I mean, yes he could attack, but if that's the case he should have made a career as a winger. The guy just could not defend. I lost count of the amount of times I was screaming at him to get out of Scott Doe's arse at centre back. So many times he just let his man put in a dangerous cross. As he's young, I can let him off to an ext........actually no, Nana, my gran could play better then you (useless pun completely intended!)

If You Could Sign Any Player For Dagenham and Redbridge Who Would It Be And Why?
Matt Ritchie. Knows the club, worked well under Still and I'd relish him and Green on opposing flanks. None of this Ronaldo or Drogba rubbish as we don't do pre-madonna's at Victoria Road.

Where Do You Think Dagenham Will Be In 10 Years Time?
Eughhhhh, I've been thinking about this question all the way through this and I genuinely don't know. I can't see us still being in League One so we'll have either continued our amazing rise to the Championship or been brought back to reality a tier or two lower. John Still won't be at the helm in 10 years so the next appointment will either make us or break us. I hope it's the former.

So thanks very much to Lee for taking the time to answer these questions. If you'd like to take part then email me at and Ill add you to the list.

Thanks for reading up the Daggers!!!!

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