Monday, 20 September 2010

Fan Of The Week

So its the turn of the infamous Ben Palmer AKA FullMetalDagger. Ben is also know as Digger The Dogs number two and put in an appearance earlier this season at our home game with Tranmere. Unfortunately for Ben he wasn't able to be Digger when we played Leyton Orient and we had the cheerleaders, but some day mate hey?

Anyway lets get this started and its now over to Ben who is for this week only The Fan Of The Week.

Best Daggers Game You've Ever Been Too?

I think I would have to say the Play-Off Semi-Final. Although the day out at Wembley was amazing, a 6-0 nil win at home with a good atmosphere, live on Sky, Is very hard to beat, especially as I was so nervous before the game. Although saying that stuffing Orient 2-0 at home is right up there as well.

Worst Dagenham Game You Have Ever Seen?

Last season, Aldershot besting us 5-2 at home. Id been looking forward to this game and got to Viccy road early for drinks. I think the loss was magnified in my mind because of how drunk I got. One of the few times I left a home game in a bad mood. Another one that springs to mind is Morecambe at home a few seasons ago, we lost and I went by myself, at the time I didn't know anyone else around the ground to say hello to. A loss is bad, but a lonely loss is a little worse.

Best Dagenham Game You Have Ever Seen?

Once again two pop into mind. Ive said this in my blog (Oi no plugging here mate The Editor) but Romain's last season against Burton was spot on! made more so by the fact I thought he was going to waste a good run by shooting from a distance, for him to shut ME up mid moan with that awesome screamer!. The other one I cant remember who it was against, but it was Sammy Saunders with a lovely curling effort into the top corner from outside the box.

Worst Dagenham Goal Conceded You Have Ever Seen?

Hmmm this is a hard one because I think my brain blocks out the bad mistake or Ive been lucky enough not to have been present for too many of them. One pops into my head isn't the goal but what lead up to it. Once again its Sammy Saunders he had the ball right in front of where I was standing in the sieve and the opposition player fouled him but came away with the ball and no foul was given. Sammy lunged right through him. Sammy was booked, the free kick was taken, and they scored!. Cant remember the team though.

Best Away Game Ever?

Sadly I haven't been to many away games as I always saved my money for home games. But this season as I now have a season ticket. Before I went to the like of Charlton and Sheffield Wednesday one away day that I always look back on with a smile was in the Essex Senior Cup against Harlow Town. They had great fans, good banter and cheap tea!. Proper non-league ground!. Days like that make me always keep an eye out for the ESC draw.

Worst Away Game Ever?

This is a hard one, because even when we lose I find it hard to come home too unhappy from away days because I love them so much. Id rather be in the stands watching us lose than at home listening too it. I think being there means I somehow as a fan shoulder some of the loss, but if I have to pick one, away to Gillingham two season ago (I think). We lost and I remember feeling a bit down on the ride home but even so it was an away day, the singing was good and I still had a laugh. Hard to get me down on an away day.

Best Ever Dagenham and Redbridge Player?

Matt Ritchie comes to mind, one of those players you knew could turn it around. Scotty Griffiths was always a personal favourite of mine, I felt safe when he went for a running winger, but for me I have to say Robbo, the man is head and to toe pure legend!. Maybe I didn't pick the best, I just picked my favourites. Special mention to Marlon Pack who even though he had a tough start with us, really started to gel, maybe it was the guilt for doubting him, but when he left I was sad to see him go.

Worst Ever Dagenham and Redbridge Player?

To be honest I don't think I can answer this fairly, because its a thing of relativity. When I was a kid we had Danny Shipp and Paul Gothard in the Ryman. They looked like amazing footballers to me, but the people I most remember struggling were playing for us in the league so it might be a bit unfair to pin that badge on them.

If You Could Sign Any Player For Dagenham and Redbridge Who Would It Be And Why?

I would love CMS (Craig Mackell-Smith) back, people in this league fear him and I think he would get us goals.Matt Ritchie back would also be amazing him and Danny Green on either wing is a tasty prospect. As for non-former Daggers Sanchez Watt from Arsenal looks a good winger.

Where Do You Think Dagenham and Redbridge Will Be In 10 Years Time?

This is the hardest question of all. Football is a wicked mistress and she takes quicker than she gives. If we are an established League 1 club still hanging in there with higher attendances and a competitive squad I couldn't really complain. Our derby game being West Ham would be a nice treat also. But if in 10 years I wake up to find Dagenham a non-league club Ill still be there on a Saturday cheering on the boys!!!.

Thanks Ben some great answers there and also some happy memories as well. If you wish top take part let me know by sending me an email to The questions wont change you just need to supply the answers.

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